Music: A R Rahman


So was on a train ride for 1.5 hours and one of A R Rahman’s songs turned up in my playlist and soon I ended up listening to A R Rahman’s songs one by one, in a much closer detail than before.

The first album was Alaipayuthey.

Usually I would skip the song ‘Yaaro Yarodi Unoda…” But today I played it and to my amazement, its music was alluring that there wasn’t just one single musical instrument playing like in the case of most composers(u know who im talking abt =p), there were so many instruments, so many noises in a single piece of music.

It was so brilliantly done that I realised why he got the Oscars.

That man deserved it after all.

And taking a step further, I visualised how the same piece of music would be like if it was composed by Harris Jayaraj or D Imaan. Harris Jayaraj would make it melodious and D Imaan make it more bang bang turned more towards the folk.

Like what someone once told me, ” A R Rahman’s music got so many things going on in the background”.


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