3rd Post: Last night’s Break Up


I dont know where to start lol. ERMmm.. Last night we broke up officially. We do say we are going to break frequently but patch back. This one was over.

To be honest, I dont feel much. Mainly cause I focused on other things. Today I started out the day at 10am, helped mum in the kitchen, showered, watched a couple of random youtube vids (happened to come across actress Shalini: She is soooo cute when she was young =D ) N then will be watching a movie soon. So im kinda preoccupying myself with things and plus like any other couples we just had those talks everyday like saaptiya? enna saapta? enna panra? We didnt even hold hands or go out or even catch a movie together so there wasnt nth much of memories to erase. DONE AND DUSTED!

Note for myself:

Dont get into a relationship. The amount of effort, the tears n etc isnt worth for the little happiness the person is going to give you. Ur parents have raised u up this far. Wouldnt they know whats good for u? and lastly, u are getting into the bad books of Allah swt. Not good Sahana. Imagine u did all the deeds and Allah swt says “Sahana you are in waiting list for Jannah cause u did this.” and it wouldnt be fair when people whom are more arrogant, didnt do that much of good deeds or didnt have those good intentions get into jannah (cause u dont know which deed is going to get u into jannah and which one is going to stop u) but u dont. Its like studying so hard n yet failing for O levels.

~ The Sky Is Up So We Are Breaking Up ~


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