4th One:


I came across so many people mentioning that they are Bibliophile (Pr: Bee- Bli – O- file. Defintn: A person who has a great love for books. In simple terms, bookworm)

Confessssssssion: Im never a bibliophile.

Btw, initially I thought bibliophile was someone who analyses the Bible HAHAHA

Nevertheless, those numerous Bibliophiles I came across on people’s Bios kinda inspired me for this post (Yo, thanks! )

I was forced to read more when I was 7 and my English teacher complained to my Mummy that I need to improve on my English and I got to do that by reading a lot a lot of storybooks. So mummy got me to read and read and once u become a certain age u just stop reading like reading is not cool anymore. Only a few hardcore readers keep on reading. I stopped reading books when I was about… *thinking thinking* 15 I think.

I wanted to trail back as far as my memory could to the first few books I started with to the book I last held on my hands:

10: Geronimo Stilton books : Geronimo is a rat who is a journalist.

11-12: was into Nancy drew books, Roald dahl books

Enid Blyton: Famous Five series, princess Diaries,

There was a Fairy book series as well.


I started getting into James patterson books, Artermis Fowl books( Eoin colfer),

Harlen Coben(Crime stuff) and I was very much into those Crime solving books.

14-15: The craze of Hunger games series started.

I borrowed those from a friend who had it.

Jordin sparks here and there, Nora Roberts(one I think), Life of a Wimpy kid,

Sherlock Holmes, and then I went into short Plays.


Watched Shakespeare’s Tempest, A local play about immigrants,

started reading more and more on short plays and they tackled a lot of taboo topics like

Homosexuality, Abortion, Dementia, depression and things like that. Many times I had felt those plays could be written much much better.


I stopped reading books but 50 shades of grey was trending and a good friend of mine had it so i borrowed from her just to see whats the craze about. I read and was disgusted and i returned it back to her. Maybe It was that age where I was super feminist that I hated guys that i would stare back at any guy who smiles ( I was super fierce lol)


Happened to come across a book on an American revert falling in love with a Middle East educated guy and embracing islam and her life with him in Turkey.

And then the book on Buddha: his life story and his principles explained with his rationale behind. Interesting books Indeed!

And then another one, this was a tamil book ( I dnt like reading tamil books cause they are so thick and so small fonts and esp EXTREMELY DESCRIPTIVE CHUNKS WHERE I DNT GET A THING), Yes i skipped a lot of pages but got the main gists of what author wanted to convey. It was an extremely old book by the way like early 90s. He said Virginity doesnt depend on whether the woman was previously married but on her thoughts. Lets say i got married to Raheem( fake guy) and I divorced him and want to marry Shaheem (fake guy too) so am i considered a virgin? According to the author, I am if im not thinking about raheem and my thoughts are like pure. I got no comments abt this HAHA

This post was a long one but I think i will smile while reading this back again one day.

~ Every book paves a way into someone’s mind and thoughts. Beautiful arent they ~




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