5th: another one of my blabbering includes (my interview & Hijab)


The last post was 8th of May. 8 days after and this one. Well, i didnt tell anyone outside my family and close friends circle about my interview but i thought i might just pen it down so in another 5 years down the road, i might reread and laugh at my ignorance. Memories yah.

There are like tons and tons of agencies out there and agencies will ask u to come down, fill up a form and will bid u bye with ‘we will let u know if there are any jobs opening up soon’ . it gets me so agitated to come down all the way and the position u stated online isnt the one u are telling me about and a bye bye?

So i rarely go agencies and i had bitter experiences with one before 2 years back where the agent said ‘Oh i got a job for u but they want u to remove ur hijab to work cause its like representing them and once the work ends u can put it back’. smh smh

but when u are too desperate and after 2 years, thinking that things would have changed i did went down to an agency yesterday. but that was after thinking that the job applied didnt email/call me and i am not getting it.

The first job that i applied was a clothing store. since its an international brand, they wanted me to down for an interview to their head office. it was a part time position though, meaning they require me to work even after my sch starts. anyways, that was my interview after 2 years and i dont know what to expect lol. Going there, i saw around 20 other people. Holy Shit! they divided us into 2 groups and called each group separately into a room. i was in group 2 and when we went in, they gave us ribbons to wear to identify us and they wanted as to unpack boxes of clothing and hang them and fold. I understood what they were looking out for. They wanted people whom are outspoken and team work, communication and etc. Actually i did one of the best job compared to the others ok. They called out 5 ribbon colours without me =(  I was sooo sad. i was like =/ then the other lady whispered something to the other 2 and they called my ribbon colour. YAYYYY! last min. alhamdulilah close one. Then round 2 was an individual interview; a lady interviewed me. she was asking me why do u want to work here? tell me about yourself? …things like that. so i did. I realised i talk too fast (I really need need to slow down my pace) but she understood, cause she was smiling here and there and took parts of my answers and asked me questions from that. She ended off with asking my contact number, the area i stay, my school schedule which meant i was in…..right? (she asked if it was okay to work in the head office outlet and i said the outlet near my place is easier cause i wouldnt be exhausted when coming to work cause it takes me an hour to reach the head outlet and she said that she will pass my contact to the store manager of the outlet near my house and they will contact me soon… maybe i shld have said okay to working to at head outlet? idk)

Haizzzzzz. i didnt get a call nor an email. i waited for 10 days and i dropped them an email yesterday, 15/5 and i went for the interview on 6/5. SOooo, they called me at afternoon and the store manager of the outlet near my house spoke and he said to come down for an interview on wed (interview again =/  ) i was like okay. what else can i say? i used to love interviews back then but now not anymore after that dreadful hijab experience. nevermind abt that. then i asked, when will i know my outcome and he said within a week ( at least he will call me and tell me n not keep me waiting. good boy hahaha ). Tmr is wed and i dnt even know what to wear for the interview.

p.s. these p.s stuff are never meant for anyone. if u read it, u forget it. understood? im 90% sure that if i wasnt wearing a hijab on my head, i would have gotten the job by now, not just this one; any job.  i would have gotten things in life easier and more and better. The only reason that im having it on my head is cause allah swt said so not cause ‘ohh women are like diamonds. we have to be wrapped’, ‘ohh if u are covered guys wouldnt look at u’, ‘and this is modesty’, ‘the chances of u getting rapped is very less’.. all those bullshits. just stop. The only reason i wear it is cause ALLAH SAID SO. btw i have women taking off the hijab cause even without a hijab they can still be religious and they dont have a wear a hijab to show allah how religious they are. and i even came across a german islamic scholar whom said she doesnt wear the hijab… this is coming from smone who teaches allah’s words to others. that is because the khimer mentioned in quran was worn as sort of a fashion at that times and it was said to the prophet’s wives and daughters to wear cause they are in .. u know.. a higher standard and things like that. and i also people saying quran is applicable to all times not just muhammad saw’s time. To me, i dont stop wearing it cause im afraid what if allah swt asks what was my reason for not wearing a hijab when i asked u to? i wouldnt have any reason. do any reasons become valid in front of allah? and i dont want that single point to be a reason why my foot doesnt step into jannah. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

There might be numerous grammatical and spelling errors. mainly cause im typing fast (i typed this within 10 mins) and also cause i typed it just the way i was talking to my screen. To be honest, i was talking while typing it.

I merely put the words spoken to be in ink.


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