Hey there! This is more of my personal blog so anything in here u keep it to urself. Shush. Nevertheless, feel free to read, comment but like any other blogger it will be about my mundane life.

Dwelling in a Asian cosmopolitan city, i write my experiences of my life, my religion, my frens, environment and etc and etc… (yah the list goes on n on).

To be more precise, Im a teenager, studying (AKA DYING), im a muslim( yes, i adorn the hijab) and no i dont shower with the scarf on top and YES I DO HAVE NON MUSLIM FRENS.  And no im not going to do jihad here and not everything is abt my religion so if u r a non muslim u can skip those parts where i talk abt it.

English is a 2nd language for me so yah, close 2 eyes for those grammatically unsound lines and the way i write or text is usually the way I talk and i love it that way.

Feel free to drop by anytime. Seeya! =)


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